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Friday, January 20, 2012

Fr. Barron's response to video "Why I hate religion"

If you've been on any social media the past week or two, no doubt that you've seen the video Why I hate religion, but love Jesus or at least heard of it, where a young man, not much different than I was at his age, laments why religion isn't necessary to love God. It's a perfect example of how the American culture permeates even our religious beliefs. It's a misunderstanding of freedom to mean doing whatever we want, not what we ought.

While this video has all the makings of a well-produced video with catchy music, graphics, and an attractive young man, unfortunately its content is seriously flawed. Several rebuttal videos have been made, but with the popularity of Word on Fire's Catholicism series, Fr. Robert Barron had been asked to rebut this video and he literally tears apart this young man's arguments.

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