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Monday, January 16, 2017

Been a long time...

When I started writing this blog, I had the intention of writing fairly frequently. However, life got in the way.

The last post that I wrote was an emotional one and I truly didn't have the energy or the desire to write again. I was going to delete the blog, but for some reason, I couldn't, although I had no intention of reviving it.

Last year brought a busy year of homeschooling my boys and very little time. This year, I found myself in the midst of extensive remodeling and updating of our house. We're still in the process of that and will be for quite some time. Also with parish commitments as baptism coordinator, Pre-Cana coordinator, and serving on the core team of the ChristLife program at our parish as the Evangelism and Registration coordinator, facilitator, and prayer team member, the thought of writing here was the absolute furthest thing on my mind.

Enter the husband. After the election which startled us as to how divided our nation is and witnessing how some people have used Twitter and Facebook as a sounding board to spew hatred and criticizing anyone who disagrees with them while professing that they are tolerant and loving, Deacon Joe decided to start using Facebook the way it should be used: to keep in touch, to offer love and prayers, and to share inspiration. So, he's returned to Facebook and has been posting regularly. Wanting to share some of his homilies, I suggested that he post here or start a blog and post the link to Facebook. Well, this was easier than creating new, so I changed the name of the blog to reflect the both of us and he can post his homilies and if I feel like it, I'll post on occasion.

Here's hoping that we can offer love and hope in this turbulent world.


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