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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday within the Octave of Easter

It was a blessed Easter Sunday that we had at our home. Tired from the Triduum liturgical schedule and the Easter preparations, we relaxed as best we could. Deacon Joe performed his 'parts' beautifully at the Chrism Mass at the Cathedral, Mass of the Lord's Supper, the Good Friday Passion for which he chanted, Easter Vigil for which he sang the Exsultet very well, and Mass Easter Sunday. No, I wasn't involved in those parts but attended those with children so that should count for something, especially sitting in the Cathedral for three hours with a three year old who found that if you kick the pew hard enough it echos throughout and makes a cool sound! I also listened to and helped the deacon for WEEKS (may have been months, whose counting) of chanting 'Exsult, let them exsult, the hosts of heaven" and the subsequent 5600 stanzas.

We enjoyed a quiet day at home preparing a meal. Our oldest children who worked arrived home in time for our feast as did a few of my relatives. We enjoyed our dinner and my first ever lamb cake.

Notice that it didn't droop. I made it with pound cake so it was sturdy. But I had to keep it in the refrigerator so the icing wouldn't fall off. Whoever would open the refrigerator was usually met with screams as a giant head greeted them. As of today, half a head is still in there and it's creepier than ever. Oh well maybe I'll eat it later as it's within the Octave of Easter and fasting is discouraged as we should be celebrating!

Happy Easter! Have some chocolate and celebrate.


  1. I love how your lamb cake turned out!! I make one every year, but mine looks more like a poodle than anythingelse!